Planning to enforce your patent & tackle your competition; Time to validate/Invalidate a patent.

Invalidation Search                                                                                                                                                Global Patent Search & Analysis

When it comes to fighting-off patent litigation or keeping competition in check, accuracy and speed is key. Our Invalidity Search service is designed to deliver the information you seek, structured as per your unique legal and technical requirements, enabling you to make better IP decisions and protect your IP.

We at STEM IP understand the criticality and importance of patents from a commercialization standpoint and undertake numerous Patent Validity projects to ensure, to the best of our capabilities, enforceability of the concerned patents.

We conduct an extensive search of patents, technical publications and/or any other available written materials that may be relevant to the patented invention. All publicly available documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing date/priority date of the patent application are analysed. We seek to carefully scope the search parameters in order to focus on the most pertinent sources.