It’s crucial to study various claim elements of active or even pending patents.

Evidence of Use Analysis                                                                                                                                      Global Patent Search & Analysis

Evidence of Use (EOU) search and analysis is instrumental to verify if any product, process or service is infringing the claims of an active patent or sometimes a pending patent application.

In other words, an EOU Search is an infringement study designed to compare the claim elements of an active patent or pending application with the product components, or a process or service features available in the market.

Our search results are provided in tabular form mapping the patent claim elements to the components or features of the uncovered products, process and/or services. The report highlights the product components, or a process or service features that may infringe your patent’s independent claims in broadest sense of interpretation, as well as it includes the product, process or service features that infringe the specific limitations in the dependent claims.

Evidence of Use helps you:

  • Identify potential infringement of your existing patents. If you are selling patent assets, proof of patent infringement can help strengthen the terms of the sale.
  • Identify vertical technology areas, or silos. Many technologies use common subsystems or methods of achieving their means, so interim patent and product literature studies are critical to identifying the right target companies. We work closely with you during this important phase to identify the number and type of technology silos that establish the scope of your study.
  • Assess potential patent infringement. Our analysts work with your experts and counsel to review your patent portfolio and identify the candidates that have a high potential for being infringed upon. Typically, the patents we select are used in commercial products with a large market presence. After the selection process, we build schedules that become the basis for identifying specific technologies and potentially related practicing entities.

Our EOU search and analysis helps patent owners to target the potential licensees of their patent, also it provides an informed pathway for stronger licensing negotiations.